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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Feminism Here & There

Foreign Policy has hired Mona elTahawy to explain to Americans why Middle Eastern Arab Muslim women suffer domestic violence and why they lag behind in entrepreneurial pursuits; it's really simple: "They" (the Muslim man) hate "us" (the Muslim woman). It's purely personal hatred, apparently, and not structures, institutions, consequences of regional turmoil (partly due to Western intervention), ect... What to say to an entire article premised on a talking point made famous by George Bush?

But what's coincidentally amusing is that while Foreign Policy thinks it's conveying depth in its regional coverage through a polemical article about how the Middle East mistreats women (and, of course, there is heavy mistreatment) due to some essentialist features of the "Muslim male mind", a fellow American publication has its own cover story about women, American women:

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